Two Factors New Beer Manufacturers Should Consider Before Ordering Brewery Boilers

Posted on: 11 August 2023

Here are two factors new beer manufacturers should consider before ordering brewery boilers.

The Brewery Boiler’s Output Capacity

One factor new beer manufacturers must consider is the output capacity of any brewery boiler model they'd like to buy. They must ensure that the equipment's output capacity is high enough to cope with the amount of beer they expect to produce not only initially when there might be a low demand for their product but also in the future when the demand for their product will probably grow and they will need to produce far more beer.

Whilst there are many factors a manufacturer will need to take into account when calculating how much beer they'll produce over time, they must ensure that they calculate the amount of steam they'll need for both the beers they are currently planning to produce each day or week, as well the amount of steam they'll require to make any speciality beers they'd like to add to their range over time. Producing the latter might require a boiler with a particularly high steam output (as there are often more steps in the brewing of speciality beers and their production may involve longer-than-average boiling times). If a beer manufacturer doesn't consider how much the demand for their beers could increase over time or doesn't factor in the impact the production of speciality beers might have on their boiler needs, they might end up purchasing a brewery boiler whose output is too low. This could lead to them having to replace it long before the end of its lifespan.

The Type of Brewery Boiler That Would Best Suit Their Needs​

Beer manufacturers should also consider the type of boiler that might best suit their needs. If, for example, a beer manufacturer has a limited amount of space available for this equipment, a fire-tube boiler might be a good choice, as this type of boiler is quite compact. Due to its relatively small size and uncomplicated design, it's also easy to reposition; this could be useful for a new beer manufacturer who might need to relocate their equipment to new premises as their business grows.

If an eco-conscious beer manufacturer's premises is located near a residential area, they might want to choose an electric brewery boiler. In addition to having a very low carbon footprint, this boiler is one of the quietest types available. Opting for this boiler would mean its noise would not bother the local residents. Alternatively, an eco-conscious beer manufacturer who doesn't want to rely too heavily on electricity and who doesn't need to worry about their equipment's noise levels might be better off with a biomass boiler, which runs on renewable organic materials.

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