A Guide On Industrial Machine Repair And Maintenance

Posted on: 21 September 2022

Your firm's efficiency and growth heavily depend on the quality of production. Machines are essential factors of production for small and large businesses alike. Industrial repair machine services help maintain the quality of these crucial inputs in production. Here are some criteria for choosing preventive, predictive, corrective, predetermined or condition-based maintenance programs. 


You can easily predict the rate at which you use specific industrial machines. If you use the machine at full capacity, you can use the manufacturer's predetermined maintenance schedule. This schedule is easy to follow, and you can arrange for the repairs and budget for them. You can also account for the downtime caused by the rehabilitation and create contingency plans whenever necessary.

However, you may only use some machines seasonally. In such a case, condition-based and corrective maintenance are the best programs. This repair program is economical and prevents you from committing your business resources to maintaining machines you rarely use. You may also schedule an inspection and use condition-based maintenance before using such a machine. 


Lacking proper maintenance can lead merchants to invalidate your warranty. Different merchants require that your firm adheres strictly to predictive maintenance schedules. In such a case, you cannot defy such requirements. Preventive maintenance schedules are also essential in some incidences since the merchant, insurer and other parties can claim you were negligent. 

Safety is a significant concern in engineering. If you operate machines on the brink of failure, they threaten the safety of your workers and the environment. Most businesses maintain preventive, predetermined and predictive maintenance programs. You must also apply condition-based maintenance, which involves monitoring the machine, especially by the daily user. 


Some machines may not fail as often as others during production. For example, your plasma cutting machine probably requires more recalibration than the angle grinders in your workshop. The accuracy of some machines is more dependent on their condition than the user's skills. These machines require strict condition-based and preventive maintenance programs. 

Similarly, some machines are critical to an entire system; hence, you must use condition-based maintenance by default. For example, you must monitor the pressure in hydraulic-base systems in cranes and hydraulic presses to detect leakages and other problems early on. Such machines are critical for the functionality of several systems, and monitoring makes them safe and efficient. 

Some factors that impact the choice of a maintenance program include usage, compliance and criticality. You may engage industrial repair machine services to implement whichever program suits your situation. 

For more information, reach out to an industrial machine repair service near you.