Top Tips for Buying a Steam Boiler for a Craft Beer Brewery

Posted on: 10 December 2021

Steam boilers are the heart and soul of the brewing industry, and even the best and most established breweries in the world would not be where they are without the piece of equipment. The reason is that breweries need steam to sanitise, sterilise and pasteurise brewing products during the kegging process. Therefore, if you own a bar selling mainstream beer but want to venture into the rapidly growing craft beer industry, you need a steam boiler. However, finding a brewery boiler can be tricky if you do not know what to look for. This article highlights tips for buying the right boiler for a craft beer brewery.

Choose a Modular Boiler 

Unless you plan to run a 24-hour craft brewery operation, do not buy ready-made steam boilers. The reason is that the boilers take a long time to warm up; thus, you must leave them running most of the time to enhance productivity. However, it is impractical and inefficient for small-scale craft beer brewers since it leads to high utility bills. Investing in a modular steam boiler is suitable for small-scale brewing operations since you might need the boiler to run only in shifts. Thus, you do not have to keep it hot on standby, which goes a long way in saving utility costs.

Compact Design 

Commercial space in Australia comes at a premium, and it is the same for artisan brewers. Therefore, you must carefully think about the amount of space a boiler room will occupy before buying the equipment. Since you will only be brewing craft beer for your customers, you do not need to spend a fortune buying a large boiler to impress your patrons or competitors. Investing in a steam boiler with a small footprint is the best approach. Moreover, a compact boiler saves space and allows you to add another unit in the future as your business grows. The best part is that compact steam boilers produce the same output as their larger counterparts.

Eco-Friendly Boiler 

Today, environmental sustainability is prioritised in all industries, including craft beer brewing. Thus, some states have strict air quality regulations regarding pollution and conduct regular inspections to ensure artisan breweries comply with the rules. In this regard, you should invest in steam boilers with very low nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide outputs. Most importantly, an eco-friendly steam boiler saves your business from hefty government fines and bodes well with your customers.

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