Avoiding Oversights When Choosing an Automatic Labelling Machine

Posted on: 5 February 2021

If you are planning on increasing the product output in your industrial operation, you should think about investing in an automatic labelling machine. In general, manual labelling is effective and economical when dealing with small-scale production. However, when a business grows, automation is essential for optimal operational efficiency. If you install an automatic labelling machine, you will increase throughput, reduce labour demand and limit labelling errors. Besides, there will be long-term financial benefits. Still, you should remember that the benefits of automatic labelling will be determined by the selected machine. Therefore, consider these crucial tips before purchasing the equipment.

Think About the Scale

A good labelling machine should match the level of production in your business. In simple terms, you must ensure that the equipment can meet the demands of your operation. When choosing the machine, consider the number of products packaged daily. Then, check out the labelling speed indicated for the different automatic labelling units. Usually, the speed is indicated as bottles or packages per minute. This consideration should help you find a good match for your business.

Evaluate Compatibility

You should make sure that your products and the selected machine will be compatible. The right equipment should be capable of applying labels on the bottle or other container with ease. Avoid automatic labelling units which will require a lot of modification before use. When evaluating compatibility, consider the shape and size of your packages. Then, inquire about the types and models which are matched with the product. It is also worthwhile to check on other aspects like label size limits and maximum container size.

Consider Power Needs

The power consumption is an important factor to consider when purchasing an automatic labelling machine. Keep in mind that the equipment will need to run continuously. Therefore, you must ensure that it will operate consistently and stably. When evaluating the electrical demands, you should check the power rating. Make sure that your electrical system is capable of providing the required level. If not, discuss an upgrade with your electrician. It is advisable also to invest in high-efficiency equipment to minimise the long-term energy costs.

Plan for Repair

Finally, you should plan for the maintenance and repair of the automatic labelling machine before purchasing the equipment. If you overlook the potential need for restoration, you might acquire a unit which could cause servicing difficulties in the future. Simply speaking, choose a machine with readily available replacement parts in your area. Moreover, make sure that there are qualified local repair professional for the brand.