Large-Scale Refrigerator Features You Need for Your Commercial Kitchen

Posted on: 20 October 2020

For anyone in the hotel and food retail industry, you understand that the refrigerator is an essential component of your business. You need to store your supplies and the product that you will sell to your customers. A refrigerator also helps with your production timeliness, enabling you to have ready meals stored and fixed quickly for your customers when the need arises. Indeed, an ordinary refrigerator meant for domestic use will not cut it when it comes to a busy business environment. If you need a large-scale refrigerator designed for bulk storage at minimal costs. Read more to learn about the features you should look for in a commercial refrigerator:

Proper Chilled Shelving

Shelving is an excellent place to start when you want to go big with your refrigeration. Chilled shelves allow you to store nearly everything in them, from jars with spices to food products wrapped in foils and containers. You can chill the shelves for long periods depending on your facility's needs. If you want to make the most of chilled shelves, enclose them in lightweight, see-through glass panels for optimal temperature control. The glass surface should allow display from all angles so that your staff can identify items with significant ease. Go for a multi-deck design to optimise the available floor space.

Energy-Saving Technology

Cutting-edge energy-saving technology is essential for helping you cut costs when using commercial refrigerators. Several features are available to help you achieve this while delivering a desirable refrigeration performance. Go for refrigeration systems fitted with unique air curtains that prevent warm air from mixing with cold air. The curtains are installed strategically in the refrigeration unit, preventing the transfer of warm air between the fridge's chambers. If you open one deck to take something from the refrigerator, then the wave of warm air doesn't affect the temperature of the adjacent decks. The curtains also keep temperatures relatively stable for the proper storage of your items. Secondly, consider units with big air ducts for excellent circulation of air.

Cold Rooms and Freezer Rooms Are a Good Feature

Cold rooms and freezer rooms can supplement your commercial refrigeration units. When you want to store large pieces of steak and other products, your shelves might not suffice. They are better off in a cold room where staff can walk in and leave with ease. Good-quality cold rooms should have overlapping walls that do not leave any gaps. The edges and walls should come with effective anti-microbial powder coatings to keep food safe.

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