How Oil Flushing Services Helps Your Industrial Machine Serve for Long

Posted on: 27 July 2020

Keeping particles and contaminants out of equipment helps it to serve for long. Maintenance is essential, and it only helps to add to the longevity of the machine. But your device needs more than just basic maintenance. There is a need for detailed techniques to ensure your industrial equipment is more functional. One of these essential techniques is oil flushing. 

Different Types of Flushing

There are different categories of oil flushing, depending on the industry. The technique used will depend on the size and nature of the system. It is also determined by the reasons why flushing is taking place. The objective of the process is to make sure that no debris or contaminants stick to the system's internal wall. The specific method of flushing will depend on the result that you want. The following are the three common oil flushing methods applied to industrial equipment.

Power Flushing Method

The first method of oil flushing is power flushing. The process requires the circulation of high-velocity fluid. The circulation increases the flow of the liquid to a rate many times higher than the normal flow. That causes the dislodgement of any contaminants that could be sticking at the wall. Using this method ensures the system remains clean and free from any dirt sticking on the walls.

Mechanical Cleaning Method

Although this method is not very common, it can also be termed as a method of flushing. The technique involves the use of a power projected machine for cleaning hose pipes and tubes. During the process, the device opens up pipes and hydraulic systems to ensure proper cleaning. It is prudent to take caution when dealing with this cleaning process. 

Double Oil Filter Change

Performing a double oil and filter change involves draining the oil and changing filters. That means expelling a large amount of oil that has contaminants and any degraded oil from the system. After that, the system is half-filled with oil and circulated several times to ensure nothing is left hanging. It is then drained, and the filters changed a second time. For an effective process, the system should be drained as much as possible. It also requires cleaning the reservoir.


Whatever method will be appropriate, it is essential to ensure oil flushing is applied to the system. That will help in keeping it functional and reliable. Proper maintenance of the machine and keeping equipment clean gives companies confidence. They can be sure the machines will serve them for long. It is also essential to hire the best oil flushing professionals if you are to increase your machine's lifespan. Reach out to a professional who provides oil flushing for more information.