3 Reasons to Buy Ground Spur Gears

Posted on: 28 May 2020

If you need to buy spur gears, then you have to decide on a manufacturing method. For example, some gears are machined or cut to shape and some are ground. In some cases, ground gears are the best option. Why?

1. Get a Better Tooth Finish

Machining and cutting processes do create precise gears with teeth in the right places and configurations. However, these manufacturing methods aren't always completely precise.

If the teeth on your gears aren't exactly the right size and shape, then the gears may well work; however, they may not work to optimum efficiency. For example, they may not operate completely smoothly when they mesh together.

While the gears do a job here, they won't necessarily work well if their teeth can't interlock precisely. They may not turn smoothly. This can make their processes stuttery or jerky rather than smooth.

If you use ground gears, then you get more precision and accuracy. The teeth are all the right shape and size, and they are in exactly the right position. So, ground gears mesh and run more smoothly and seamlessly.

2. Get Stronger Gears

Some processes don't put that much stress on gears. They don't need to take heavy loads or deal with strong rotational forces like torque.

However, some gears have to operate under more stress. They deal with higher loads and more intense torque every time they turn. If a gear isn't strong enough to cope, it will break and fail.

Ground gears tend to work well under higher stress levels. Grinding produces a strong and stable end product, and the process won't leave the gear with weak spots. Plus, you can grind just about any material into gears. This enables you to choose a strong-enough material for your application.

3. Get Gears That Last Longer

The extra strength you get from the grinding process makes spur gears last for longer. They are less likely to break under strain.

The precise nature of the grind helps here too. If you use gears that aren't precisely cut, then their teeth are more likely to wear down. If they don't mesh seamlessly, teeth that rub against each other will wear more quickly. Eventually, the gears won't work that well.

The greater accuracy you get from grinding reduces the chances of this kind of damage. Teeth mesh together more exactly so they don't rub or grind against each other in the same way.

To learn more about the benefits of buying ground gears, talk to your spur gear manufacturer.