3 Reasons to Use a Jackhammer Trolley When Removing Tiles

Posted on: 20 May 2020

While a jackhammer makes tile removal easier and quicker, the extra power you get from this tool doesn't always work as well you hoped. In some cases, you'll clear tiles and light surface materials from floors more effectively if you attach your jackhammer to a trolley.

Here, the jackhammer slots into a lightweight trolley casing with wheels and a handle. The hammer still does the work on the floor, but the trolley adds extra benefits. What are they?

1. Speed up Work Rates

While a jackhammer removes old tiling a lot more quickly than manual tools, this can still be a long job. If you are working on a large space that is fully tiled, then it will take you a fair amount of time to work the jackhammer across the floor. You may need a few sweeps in areas that are angled or tight.

If you put the jackhammer on a trolley, then you can speed up the removal process. You'll push the trolley along rather than hold and guide the jackhammer. The tool then automatically breaks up the tiles as you walk along.

2. Deal With Difficult Areas

While some tiles come up relatively easily, others are harder to get up. For example, older tiles may have welded themselves to a floor over the years. You may need to hammer away at difficult tiles repeatedly and from different angles.

Adding a trolley to the mix makes it easier to break down tiles that hang on stubbornly. It's a simple process to rotate the trolley to give you different angles of attack without stopping and starting the whole tool.

Plus, features like footrests also allow you to exert extra pressure on the hammerhead. If you need some extra pressure, then you can use the footrest to force the head down harder.

3. Avoid Fatigue and Injury

Using a jackhammer for extended periods of time takes its toll. Even if you wear ear protectors and goggles, this isn't always a pleasant job.

The vibrations of the hammer are hard to deal with after a while. Its head will throw up dust and bits of tile. Plus, you'll feel the strain in your arms, back, and legs if you bend down over the hammer for hours at a time.

If you use a trolley, you'll work in an upright position. It reduces vibrations, and you won't be as bothered by dust and debris because you're further away from the floor. You'll also find it more comfortable to work this way — you won't have to bend down all the time or guide a heavy hammer over the floor.

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