Why Use Formwork Tubes When Your Pour Concrete Columns?

Posted on: 24 March 2020

Creating concrete columns on a build can be a tricky and time-consuming process. In some cases, you can use pre-made formwork tubes to do this job. How do these tubes work and what are the advantages of using them?

How Do Formwork Column Tubes Work?

Formwork tubes are usually made from a strong and rigid cardboard. They have plastic or oiled linings inside; their exteriors have a water-resistant coating. You use these tubes to create columns below or above ground. You set the tube where the column should go and then fill it with your concrete mix. You then leave it to dry and set. When the concrete is done, you peel off the formwork tube. You then have a column in the right width and size.

Why Use Formwork Column Tubes?

Creating columns in traditional ways takes some work. You have to create a mould and then make sure that it is braced during the drying and setting process. You then have to take the mould and bracing down. Formwork column tubes are a lot easier to use; they are more cost- and time-effective. You choose the right size, width and depth of tube for the column you want to install. Then, you simply insert the tube into the ground — its rigid construction means that it won't need any additional bracing.

These tubes also give the concrete extra protection. This is especially useful if you're pouring underground columns. A tube's waterproof coat prevents water and moisture from seeping inside and affecting the concrete while it sets. The tube also won't affect the finished results you get. If you're laying above-ground columns, you need them to look good. A formwork tube helps you do this.

The tube's inner lining won't stick to the concrete. So, a column will be even, straight and smooth. You also won't have any problems removing the tubes at the end of the process — they have a quick-release mechanism. You simply peel off the tube and then dispose of it.

Some builders also use formwork tubes on other jobs around a site. For example, if you're digging in an area and need to prevent soil collapse in certain spots, you can use these tubes to keep the earth in place.

If you're interested in formwork column products, like Formatubes, then talk to your building supplies contact. They can help you find suitable products for your job.