Top Benefits of Customised HVAC Ducts

Posted on: 18 March 2020

Sheet metal is one of the most common materials used in air conditioning ducts. Not only are they durable, but metallic AC ducts are also easy to install, according to HVAC technicians. Besides, the rigidity of sheet metal allows air to move through the ductwork without creating too much turbulence and noise. However, it is essential to use sheet metal HVAC fabrication to make custom ducts as opposed to buying generic metal ducts.

This article highlights the benefits of fabricating customised, metal HVAC ducts. Read on for more.

Eliminates Air Leaks

One of the main problems with generic, metallic HVAC ducts is air leakage. For instance, technicians are forced to squeeze the ducts into place during installation. This leads to bending and weakening at the joints, thereby causing air leaks. A leaking HVAC duct increases your energy bill since the system stays on longer and works harder. Customised metal HVAC ducts, on the other hand, rely on accurate measurements of the spaces where the ductwork will be installed. Therefore, the ducts are cut and fabricated to fit, which ensures tight seals and zero chance of air leaks.

Eliminates Noise

Most products made from sheet metal are synonymous with popping sounds. This is because metal contracts and expands as temperatures fluctuate. These popping sounds are most common in angular shaped HVAC metal ducts. While the HVAC duct shape can be used in an industrial facility comfortably, the ducts are the wrong choice for environments such as hospitals. Customisation offers an opportunity to fabricate round HVAC ducts that produce much less noise. The design can be used in facilities where quiet is important, such as movie theatres and hospitals. Besides, acoustic wrappings can be used to muffle any popping noises in customised ducts completely.   

Efficient Air Distribution

Most generic metallic HVAC ducts have a large internal surface area that allows air to move through in large volumes. The downside is that air flows slowly and does not reach the various rooms in good time. Therefore, your air conditioning system will use too much energy to draw large air volumes to the designated rooms. Customised metal HVAC ducts eliminate this challenge because your supplier can fabricate the ducts in smaller sizes. This means that the ducts can only accommodate smaller air volume at a time. Low air volumes are much easier to push through the ducts, thereby making the AC unit much more efficient.