Have you considered the advantages of a car lift?

Posted on: 9 March 2020

Are you concerned about protecting your car? Cars are normally an expensive investment, so you will want to ensure that you take proper care of it when it isn't in use. The difficulty for many people is that their home has more that one vehicle to accommodate. While you may be able to keep one car safely in the garage, what will you do with all of your other cars? Not many homes will have the space to protect multiple cars in their garage, so you are frequently left with cars parked on the driveway or even on the road outside your home. If a car isn't in a garage, it remains unprotected from the weather and the possibility of theft or vandalism. If you need to make your garage larger but can't increase the width of the garage, there is a simple solution.

Why not fit a car lift?

When you need to fit multiple cars into your garage, then installing a car lift is an obvious solution. A car lift allows you to employ the otherwise unused vertical space in your garage by raising one car off the ground so that you can fit a second vehicle below it. Instead of moving or planning an expensive home modification why not double your available space with a car lift? Here are two more reasons to think about adding a car lift to your property.

Avoid the effects of extreme weather

When your car is parked outside, it is exposed to all of the elements. You could find that your car is too hot in the summer or that it needs to have ice scraped off it in the winter. At any time of the year, you could be faced with running to your car in the pouring rain. When you can leave your car in a garage, all of these problems are avoided.  

Protect your 'specialist' vehicle

The upper level of a car lift can provide a great place to store your specialist vehicle. Maybe you have a sports car that you only use for a few weekends each year. You won't want to store such a valuable vehicle outside, yet, if it fills your garage, then nothing else can go in there. With a car lift, you can accommodate both vehicles with ease. They are stored away from potential issues and can still be accessed whenever you need them.