Key Industries with High Demand for Plastic Sheets

Posted on: 4 March 2020

Despite the qualities that glass has, most businesses will agree that maintenance can be challenging. From breakages and scratches to ugly smudges, the amount of work that goes into keeping glass surfaces looking clean at all times is overwhelming. It is no wonder business establishments in city centres are ditching glass and taking up plastic sheets. As a plastic sheet fabricator, this is excellent news because increased acrylic sheet demand means more business. However, if you only produce standard plastic sheets, then you might be missing out on a vast market. This is because more industries are looking towards specialty acrylic glass, and this article highlights opportunities that can take your business to the next level.

Beauty Spas

The beauty industry has been growing exponentially for quite a while now. This can be attributed to the fact that more people would prefer to lay in a tanning bed rather than under direct sun and expose their skin to dangerous sun rays. While the rays produced in tanning beds still contain the dangerous elements, they can be filtered out using the right acrylic sheets. This might explain why ultraviolet transmitting acrylic glass is the preferred choice of material for tanning beds. The reason is that UV transmitting perspex allows small amounts of UV-A light and UV-B light through, both of which are responsible for skin tanning. 


Another industry that you should focus on is the arts industry and, in particular, museums. See, artists and museums need products that will keep their works safe for a long time regardless of where they are placed. Unfortunately, standard plastic sheets don't protect artwork from the direct ultraviolet rays. That is why plastic sheet fabricators need to provide museums with special acrylic sheets that, in addition to keeping out degrading sunrays, will prevent degradation of the artwork's frame. The better your acrylic sheets are at protecting expensive pieces of artwork, the better your chances of expanding your clientele base. 


Australians yearn for quality fresh farm produce, and that is why most are turning their backyards into small gardens. However, weather conditions can derail this quest, and that is why some homeowners turn to greenhouse farming. While most homeowners use glass for their greenhouses, the material is quite expensive and heavy. This is where plastic fabricators come in because the acrylic sheets you produce have several advantages when used as greenhouse covering. Not only is it resistant to chemicals, but acrylic glass is also light, clear, and can withstand all weather conditions. This makes it the perfect material for small-scale farming.

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