Common Products of Steel Fabrication

Posted on: 4 March 2020

Thanks to the concept of mass production in steel fabrication, a large number of consumer products are made available at pocket-friendly prices. Many people interact with products of steel fabrication on a daily basis, but they are often unaware of it.

In order to show the importance of steel fabrication, here is a look at some of the common products that result from the fabrication of steel.

Metal Roofing Panels

You have probably seen a house that has a metal roof at one point or another. The roofing panels used on that house are products of the steel fabrication process. The manufacture of metal roofing panels is perhaps the greatest evidence of the benefits of mass production in the steel fabrication industry.

Thanks to the concept of mass production, manufacturers of metal roofing panels are able to produce panels that are exactly alike in terms of their thickness, shape and size. This provides great uniformity which is often responsible for the neat nature of metal roofing panels used on residential roofs.

Aluminium is also used for the fabrication of metal roofing panels, but it is a highly reactive metal which makes aluminium roofing panels all the more susceptible to corrosion and rust.

Kitchen Countertops

Another common product of the steel fabrication process is kitchen countertops. While steel kitchen countertops might not be as common in residential kitchens, they are the number one choice of countertops for commercial kitchens.

Part of the reason why steel kitchen countertops are a favourite for commercial kitchens is that the countertops are very easy to keep clean and hygiene is a top priority in any commercial kitchen.

In the residential setting, metallic sinks are perhaps the most common product of the steel fabrication process. Steel is a preferred choice of material for the fabrication of residential sinks because the material is impervious to water and does not get damaged easily even with the constant exposure to wetness.

Spiral Staircases

Another common product of steel fabrication is the spiral staircase. A spiral staircase can be an outstanding feature in any home and it often attracts the attention of anyone who comes across it.

Apart from the 'wow' factor, spiral staircases are advantageous over traditional staircases in the sense that their installation does not require as much space. Therefore, they are a perfect fit for rooms in which space is a limited factor.

These are some of the most common products of steel fabrication. To learn more, contact a steel fabrication company.