What You Need to Know About Recyclable Pallets

Posted on: 3 March 2020

Pallets are mostly used in the shipping, transport and logistics industries. They form a platform where items or commodities can be placed and secured. The platform mainly helps keep the commodities off the ground or a particular surface and also prevents movement during transit. Here's what you need to know about recyclable pallets:

Different Material Compositions for Pallets

You can either come across wooden, plastic or metal pallets. Recyclable wooden pallets are what you may commonly find, followed by plastic then lastly metal. This is because most of the time shipping companies do not recycle wooden pallets, which are considered cheap and replaceable. Shipping companies may, however, frequently recycle plastic and metal pallets.

What Can You Use Recyclable Pallets For?

Recyclable pallets, whether wood, plastic or metal, can be used for many applications. All you have to do is use your creativity. You might be surprised at how they can be of great use at an affordable price. Here are some uses:


Completely damaged wooden pallets can be used as firewood, which helps you conserve forests. They are also cheaper when compared to firewood you buy at the store.


Many landscaping projects require timber. Instead of purchasing expensive timber, you can purchase cheaper wooden pallets, use them as they are or dismantle them to access the wood planks. Depending on what you want to build with the wooden pallet pieces of wood, ensure to check on the wood quality. Companies that sell recyclable wooden pallets usually organise them based on their quality. It is, therefore, important to know the quality you want.

Garden and hydroponic needs

Wooden and plastic pallets are also used for gardening needs. Plastic, of course, is recommended for hydroponic plants because it can't get damaged by water.


Wooden pallets are used for outdoor furniture (patio, park and yard furniture). All you have to do is ensure you hire a carpenter or woodwork designer who can design the pallets to a visually appealing, functional and durable piece of outdoor furniture.

Buying Recyclable Pallets

The first thing you might notice is that metal pallets are the most expensive, followed by plastic pallets and wooden pallets. This is just the price based on material. You may also come across a different range of prices in each material category; this is the price based on quality. Different people have different recycling needs, which leads to the variety in materials and quality.